Kibbutz Cabri

Kibbutz Cabri, located in the Western Galilee, about 5 km east of Nahariya, belongs to the Regional Council of Matteh Asher.
The kibbutz was founded in 1949 by a group of members who, during the War of Independence, were forced to abandon their kibbutz, Beit HaArava, north of the Dead Sea and to look for a new place to settle.

Nowadays, Kibbutz Cabri has defined itself as a kibbutz in a process of renewal and has initiated a process of change and redefinition.
In 2006, a more inclusive community was established, comprising 300+ kibbutz members, together with some 100 second and third generation offspring who have chosen to build their homes in Cabri.  The balance of the population of 730 adults is comprised of temporary residents and candidate members.

Kibbutz Cabri continues to seek out young families interested in joining as kibbutz members, a process which takes several years.
The economy of Cabri is built upon the income of its members, working on the kibbutz or outside of it, and on the income of its various branches:

  • Agriculture:  bananas, avocados, poultry and dairy farming.
  • Industry:  Cabiran, producing precision aluminum castings.
    Rion, producing plastic components for industry and agriculture, electro-fusion components for polyethylene pipes, and plastic greenhouses.
  • Service branches: mini-market, laundry, insurance,  personal services – cosmetics, hairdressing, alternative medicine, gift shop and picture-framing workshop.
  • Art:  The Gottesman Etching Center, a central art gallery, and several artists’ studios.
  • Tourism:  Adelina – a Spanish-style gourmet restaurant, Cabri Horse Farm – horse tours and riding lessons, etc.

Education: The Day Care Center enrolls children from infancy through kindergarten, from Cabri as well as from other nearby towns and settlements.
Ma’ayanot, our regional primary school, is located in Cabri.
Our regional middle-school, is located in Kibbutz Eilon.
“Manor-Cabri” high school, specializing in music and art, is also located in Cabri.
Our school-age children, together with others from the region, enjoy an after-school enrichment program and participate in sports and music activities organized by Matte Asher.
For adults, Cabri supplies a variety of cultural activities, including lectures and enrichment classes in a wide variety of subjects; day-trips and evening outings; sports; folk-dancing; an active senior citizen’s center; library; health clinic; etc.

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